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Equipment in Beese laboratory

Multiaxial test frame

Custom-designed, custom-built, dual-actuator hydraulic mechanical test frame.  Allows for interrogation of multiaxial plasticity and fracture properties of materials.





Mini mechanical test frame

Custom-built mini test frame for performing mechanical tests in situ optical or scanning electron microscopes (OM or SEM).  Allows for grain-level studies of deformation behavior.







Uniaxial mechanical test frames

Servomechanical load frame for uniaxial loading with a 10 kN load limit.


Servomechanical load frame for uniaxial loading with a 150 kN load limit.




Digital image correlation (2D and 3D)

Allows for non-contact surface deformation measurements during mechanical tests.  Includes software for image capture, two cameras for 3D DIC, accessories for various fields of view, and software for digital image correlation analysis.



Microhardness indenter

Used to measure Vickers microhardness in samples.








Digital optical microscope

Used for 2D imaging of samples as well as for 3D stitching of images to view topology of samples.







Automatic Grinding and Polishing System

Used for sample preparation of metallographic samples for imaging and other characterization techniques.










Frequently used laboratories at Penn State

Center for Innovative Materials Processing through Direct Digital Deposition (CIMP-3D) 

Center for additive manufacturing fabrication.


Materials Characterization Laboratory (MCL)

Facility for characterizing microstructures of materials.


Center for Quantitative Imaging (CQI)

X-ray computed tomography facility for characterizing internal features and external geometries of samples.