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Solar Module Application and Characterization Lab

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The Solar Module Application and Characterization Lab is an interdisciplinary research lab, carrying on the photovoltaic and related research from basic materials science to device and system development. Our research activities include photovoltaic material science, optoelectronic device physics and bio-incorporated electronics, and flexible solar cell modules. The solar energy laboratory consists of world-class facilities for solar cell material synthesis, material characterization, device fabrication and characterization. The lab is equipped with necessary equipment to perform the photophysical and electronic characterizations of semiconductors, especially for solar cell materials such as conjugated polymer and halide perovskite.

Research Capabilities:

  1. Chemical and nanomaterials synthesis. Synthesis of nanostructure materials, thin films by using different chemical routes, for instance, sol-gel, hydrothermal, spin-coating, electrospray et al, under specific conditions.
  2. Physical deposition of thin films by using thermal evaporation system, including metal films and oxide semiconductor films.
  3. Photovoltaic and electronic devices fabrication. Perovskite solar cell, dye sensitized solar cell, organic solar cell and photodetector device fabrication and performance measurement.
  4. Optical properties and charge carrier dynamics. UV-vis absorption and transmittance spectra for solution and solid thin film samples. Study the dynamics of excitons and charge carriers through steady-state and time-resolved photoluminescence spectroscopy, and laser-induced transient absorption and emission decay kinetic.
  5. Solar cell conversion efficiency measurement system consisting of 3A solar simulator and source measure unit.