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Thermal Device Application and Characterization | Facilities

Materials Fabrication

  • SPEX SamplePrep 8000D Mixer/Mill for mechanical alloying/nano powder fabrication
  • EQ-SP-15AB Induction Heater for high temperature materials melting/alloying
  • EQ-VTC-500 Vacuum Melt Spinning System for spin melting and making nanoribbons of semiconductor alloys
  • UNIlab Plus Glove Box Workstation capable of an oxygen level less than 0.5ppm

Materials Processing

  • Home built Spark Plasma Sintering station capable of up to 1250C sintering temperture
  • Allied OptiPrep™ Polishing System boasting 5 micron thickness accuracy in 1" wafer
  • Diamond wire saw
  • Diamond saw
  • KSL-1200X Box Furnace for sample annealing or melting capable of tempertures up to 1200C



  • ZEM-3 unit for electric resistivity and seebeck measurements up to 800 C
  • Netzsch Unit for thermal diffusivity up to 1250 C
  • DSC unit for heat capacity up to 600C
  • Lakeshore Hall Mobility for measuring carrier mobility and carrier density up to 800C at a high precision

Device Building and Testing

  • Reflow Furnaces
  • Module cooling or COP testing
  • Module power or efficiency testing
  • Scanning resistance probe